Sunday, March 12, 2006

visiting Corrina (and her parents too)

Are we done here?
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Earlier this week I braved the cold and head east to meet my niece in person. She is a doll. It was incredible to finally hold her in my arms and get to spend time with Dave and Janie. I am so impressed with them and the job they are doign raising this little girl. New parents never get much sleep and it would be understandable if tempers got a little short, but I never saw that in my time with them.

We had a great few days hanging out. I got to bounce Corrina and dress her and bath her and generally stare at her. I was in love before I arrived, I am fully gone now. Click on the photo to get to the full set of photos. Warning: These photos are extremely cute and may cause you to make very ungrown-up like noises. View at your own risk. Also, this is the director's cut full length version. If you're looking for the highlight reel check out Corrina - short version. Thanks Dave & Janie for letting me crash on your couch. Can't wait to do it again.


Katinka said...
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Katinka said...

(argh, typos!)

She's adorable...very photogenic too! I love the pic of you both in your sweaters ("My other favourite pic)'s such a cosy image :)

the salmon said...

very very cute pictures! she's so sweet :)
so who made the cool quilt?

westcoastloon said...

She's a cutie, no doubt. My Mom made the quilt for Corrina.