Thursday, March 23, 2006

spring break

The past two weeks were Spring Break (well for SOME people) and while I didn't get to go to Maui or climb the Great Wall, I did get to spend a few days with a few great Walls right here in White Rock.

Amanda and Coli came to stay with us for a few days and we had a great time. They went to the beach with their Auntie Kendra while I got to go to work. . . .but when I got home they let me in on the rock painting. Nice.

I haven't played with paint in a long time. In the spirit of the day I decided to do a stickman tribute to the House of Mirth. I have no idea how I ended up giving myself poodle hair. But hey, we can't all be da Vinci. (I can assure you there are no hidden meanings laced among these Madonnas of the Rock . But more of that later.) All in all, I think we should borrow the girls more often. They're a lot of fun.

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JAnie & DAve said...

LOVE THE ROCK! I love to paint rocks. My mom sorta got me into it. Once summer i filled our garden, and then all the other gardens mysteriously starting filling with rocks painted by other kids. It was neat to walk by so many pieces of art in the summer! I used to do alot of dots, swirlies, and cats! Tee he. Well, take care