Monday, March 20, 2006

minois coiffeur

Who needs cable?
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Sometimes a picture is so wonderfully ridiculous you have to share it, even when you're the star of the shot. This is Ceone and I working the hightlights at the House of Mirth. Ok, I admit it, Ceone is the one in the background.

One of the many great things about living with fabulous and talented roomies is that sometimes, if you ask them nicely, they'll do your hair at a mere fraction of the cost of retail. The only downside. . . well let's just say that I've had highlights done at the salon and they didn't pile all the foils up on my head quite like this. Ceone claims "it's suppose to look like that". Um hum, riiiiiight. I have a feeling I've heard that one before.

But hey, as they say no pain, no gain, and if you can't handle a little silliness no amount of foil and ammonia is likely to save you. As for me, the highlights turned out great and the exclusive salon of Minois Coiffeur lives to 'light another day.

Sidenote: the highlights didn't work so well for Ceone. Anyone know of a good blond dye that will bleach over red? I know Blondissima would probably do it, but is there anything a little less toxic?


Anonymous said...


There is usually a Helpline phone number on the package of hair dye and I would suggest phoning them for advice on how to correct this.

Much love, Mom XX

Katinka said...

Love the pic! I think you should go hot pink instead *grn*

JAnie & DAve said...

Hey Hey blondie! I bet your hair looks great! Post some pics! I know salons can strip color, but i don't know if there is a shelf product that can do that. She could always hit a school of beauty to have the color stripped for half the price (although double the time!).
Gotta go, corrina is waking up from a nap! eating time!