Saturday, April 22, 2006

flawless like sunshine

Today has been an almost perfect summer Saturday. I know it's not really summer yet, but today I could feel summer drawing close. I felt bare feet on freshly mown grass today. I lunched al fresco - tomatoes and ham and my favourite cheese and the Vancouver Sun. I ran useful errands with the windows rolled down and started to notice that it was a little hot inside my Civic. I had the first frapuccino of the season and I didn't even have to pay for it. (I had to wait a whopping 2 extra minutes for my latte the other day so I got a magical - anything - you - want coupon. The hardship of two whole minutes....)

And now I'm sitting at the picnic table in the backyard testing the limitations of our wireless signal. How far does it reach? Far enough it seems. Today has been as perfect as the blue sky above me, as refreshing as the shade cast by the 40' cedars behind me. Imagine the stories they could tell of perfect summer days. Days that were flawless, like sunshine.


Anonymous said...

What an excellent piece of writing! I can almost feel the warm sun and see the blue skies - amaing really since its dull and raining here.

How lovely to have perfect weather on a weekend - and how rare! You really know how to live and to enjoy the moments - keep on savouring it all.

Love Mom XX

the salmon said...

i wanna come over!!! i remember what an awesome back yard you have :) hee hee sounds like you had some wonderful relaxation time.


JAnie & DAve said...

I really enjoyed your blog. How i wish we were closer and Corrina and I could stoll over to play in your back yard. That would be delightful... one day! Today was 22 in winnipeg, and i went for three little walks. Our best friends live 10 minutes away, so i headed over there for some amazing lunch, and then i put corrina in a carrier and walked her around the block a few times. Later that day i walked back home. It was so nice, warm, and bright the whole day! I wore a skirt and sandals and wasn't cold at all! Dave is at a seminar tonight and i am looking online for ways to de-clutter/organize our house. We are hoping to make it to a church garage sale this saturday morning. We are up at 7 am (i never would have thought i could ever wake up at that time happily. One sure does manage to adjust with a little one. Mind you i often fall asleep during that first feeding!), so i thought we may as well make something of the morning. I am excited because maybe we will find something to help our house become simpler.
I hope you have a great weekend. Let us know more of your adventures!
Love Janie