Thursday, April 20, 2006


Everyone seems to have really cool photos on their blogs lately, and I know how much I like seeing other people pictures so here a few random scenes from my life. Enjoy the randomness, or just let it pass you by.
Here is Amanda, graciously agreeing to one more picture, provided she can do it on her own terms. This was taken Saturday when everyone was over at her parent's place for the Easter Egg Hunt and there really were a LOT of cameras going off. I heard a runour that Amanda was actually chased by a camera-wielding parent at one pont. No wonder she's camera'ed out. Nice shot though.

This is the ubiquitous pet photo. Every blog has to have one. So here's mine. This is Gandalf, commonly referred to as Furrball or Flieg. I don't think she minds. As you can see she is training hard to perfect her sleep technique. She practices relentlessly. It cracks me up that she covers her nose with her paw sometimes. Cute. Altogether now . . . . aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww. Moving on.

Of all the Egg Hunt pictures that I took this one is my personal fave. This is Kaitlyn caught just at the moment where she's found an egg. It takes some planning to co-ordinate all the eggs, but as you can see it's always worth it.

Kendra has a brilliant system to maintain a little order in the midst of a 6-child multi-family hunt. Each child is assigned a sticker to look for. All of the eggs are stickered and hidden and then the rule is simple: if you find an egg with your sticker on it, say blue smiley faces or red hearts then it's yours. If it has someone else's sticker you have to leave it for them to find. A brilliantly simple strategy that makes sure young and old kids get equal crack at the eggs. It also means you can really have some fun hiding the eggs for older kids in sneaky places. Smart.

And here is Kendra's AMAZING 3-D bunny cake! I have never seen a cake with such a great expression before. If you look carefully you can see that she even made a little pink icing for inside the ear. You can't see all of them here, but there was an easter egg cake for each of the little nieces, and one for Shannon who was celebrating a birthday that day. And yes, each egg cake was decorated with a unique pattern. NICE.

Here's one last shot of the cake so you can truly appreciate all of it. Very impressive. Not only did it manage to survive a half hour trip by car unscathed it also tasted great!

That's about enough randomness for now. Reminds me, I need to burn a CD and empty out my memory stick. It's almost full. I can't imagine how that happened...


3-of-5 said...

Hey you loon, oh wait, that could be totally misinterpreted. ;) I guess you're truly a westcoast loon, and we all know they are a completely different kind of loon. Wow, I am tired! Just to let you know that you were going to change pont to point when your brain is functioning again tomorrow. Maybe I should also go and regenerate now.
P.S. Thanks for all your help with pictures for my blog. Now I don't have the most boring blog around, and I know my five year old niece definitely appreciates it.

Anonymous said...

Great Photos. Wow the cake is amazing. Please pass congrats on to the master chef.

Love the photo of Flieg! She's a cutie.

Mom XX

McMahon Manifesto said...

What amazing pictures! I especially love those cakes. I had come across your blog linking from Doris'. What was it someone called this before, "a blog spy" or something like that. :-) Really a beautiful blog.

the salmon said...

very cool cakes and i love the cat photo too. looks all cuddly. diedre would love it, she loves kitties. good thing we have one.


Anonymous said...

Wow...nice pic of me eh???


luv every single random pic!!! THEY ROCK!!! (woot woot to the randomness)

You know what....ooh..I have an idea...check my blog out and it should have my idea..hehehehe...see ya round!!!


Darcy & Sharon said...

Hey, great blog! Love the Amanda pic! Lol! Mind if I bum that pic of Kaitlyn off you? It's just too cute! (yes, I'm biased!)

westcoastloon said...

MM - thanks! Cyber-stalking is a perfectly valid activity (and one that I pursue myself.) Glad to hear you're enjoying the blog.


westcoastloon said...

Sharon -- please feel free top grab the pic of Kaitlyn. I recommend going to my Flickr page and downloading the full version from there. It will print much nicer. You'll just need to scroll down a little to find the photo, then click on it and you should see a button that says "all sizes". Click on that, select full size and you're all set to go.

~ Claire