Sunday, May 28, 2006


After a rainy start the sun came out yesterday. I'm pleased to say that I passed a very pleasant birthday and I reached 30 smiling. You hear so many people who get negative about turning 30, I highly recommend a trip to Disneyland as the antidote to that. Worked very well for me.

There's a British expression that says "start as you mean to go on" so I took that to heart yesterday and began the day with chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast. Nice. Throw in some of your favorite tea and you can handle anything. (I went for my current fave -- Empire Blend #34 from the Harrod's Heritage Collection. I'm more than halfway through the tin now, I might have to ask my brother to pick me up some more.)

After that I had a quick appointment to keep and then went shopping. My parents let me pick out my own birthday present so off I went. I've worn a silver Celtic knotwork ring on my right hand for years but it broke a few weeks ago so I went to one of my favourite jewelry stores in White Rock to search out a replacement. I picked out a silver and peridot ring. Yes, technically peridot is not my birthstone, but I thought this ring was gorgeous and now it's mine. It only seemed right to get a manicure to go with it. It was my birthday afterall.

(Side note: Any guesses on why this pic is so small when I loaded it exactly the same was as the other two?)

In the evening I went out for dinner with some friends and then we headed off to see X-Men 3. Dinner was great. The waitress even gave me a second sparkler because we couldn't get a photo of the first one before it burnt out. X3 was a little disappointing. And yes, we stayed to watch the final scene but still. I know that they brought in a new Director for #3 and I think he lost his sense of story. The movie finished and all I could think was "I bet Bryan Singer is pissed." It had no compelling narrative -- yes there's a cure for mutancy and is that a good thing or not? But a good story tells itself through the characters experiencing it and this movie felt like little dioramas that we were peering in at but never actively engaged with. (Remember dioramas from grade 4?) But even with all that said, there was a lot of Hugh, so it wasn't a total loss.

After all the celebrations in Anaheim last week I felt like I had already celebrated my birthday and wasn't really expecting anything particular on the day itself. What a nice surprise to have such a great day too. Bonus. Happy birthday to me. That was fun. I think we should do it again next year.


Beck's Bulletin said...

Glad to hear that you had a happy birthday! I thought of you several times yesterday and can hardly wait to see your ring in person!Lovely pictures!

Anonymous said...

Mom said:

Wow that's quite the rock - I love it! Good choice.

Love, Mom XX

Patricia said...

Happy 30th Birthday (belated!). I think turning 30 is wonderful! Not a negative thing at all! I love my 30's so far.

As for X-Men 3, I agree about Hugh.

the salmon said...

you look beautiful claire! obviously, 30 suits you ;)

Englers said...

next year is my 30. your outlook is encouraging -- i'll have to rethink my perspective.

hmm... is the pic smaller because it's landscape instead of portrait, and the one above it looks like maybe it set table parameters... they all look like the same width, just the shrunken one is landscape. it looks like it's been made smaller by blogger and not by photoshop too... all blurry. are you seriously asking this though? I thought you were *way* more techie than me.