Sunday, May 14, 2006

bringing the indoors out

It's time to move life back outside. Time to sit close enough to smell the lilac and the cedars. Time to move from my favourite reading chair to my favourite reading hammock. It's time to be still enough to hear the windchimes, time to walk slowly enough to notice if the honeysuckle has bloomed yet. Winter has had its day. The days are growing longer and like a flower I turn toward the sun. There have been enough days indoors. It's time.


JAnie & DAve said...

love the pictures! We hear it is so nice and hot and lovely in BC! It is only 17 here. Oh well, our time will come and soon we will roast. I see you used some flickr toys! I will learn about those soon one day. Have a great week,soon you shall be off for birthday disney land bliss
Love Janie

Janice said...

Hi e-Claire...I just found your blog again! I love it. It makes me really miss you. :( That's so exciting about you heading to California, I'd love to hear about it. Hope to talk to you soon!! love Janice