Thursday, June 08, 2006

flickrtoys, Furball and a field trip

Sometimes you just need to play. Years ago a good friend of mine told me that his idea of a perfect day would be a blank canvas the size of the wall, paints and no brushes. I think there's a scene in Benny & Joon that's the same sort of idea, just fingers in paint, a lot of paint. I wonder if he ever got around to trying that? Play comes in many shapes and forms and I think grown-ups would do well to put down their pens and remember that.

Last Saturday three quarters of the House of Mirth headed into Vancouver for girly fun. There was a fund raiser at the Vancouver Museum in support of the Vancouver Food Bank. There was a desert competition, fancy cupcake bake sale and best of all students from the Blanche MacDonald Center were doing hair, make-up and hand massages to raise donations. We decided to play.
Too funny. The BMC students were fantastic. Very personable and a lot of fun (especially when jogger or two happened to pass by the patio doors). I don't know how much money was raised in the end but we certainly enjoyed ourselves. Summer is coming. More time to play!


Anonymous said...

Mom said: Good job team at Blanche Macdonald Centre. House of Mirth Ladies, you all look fabulous!

Cute kitty pics too.

Love those blogs. Love Mom XX

Monky said...

Great pictures! And yes, you ladies look gorgeous!

Looks like Gandalf was having a ball with that yarn - it must have been quite a mess to clean up after. Almost makes me think it would be fun to watch my cats with a bunch of yarn...


JAnie & DAve said...

I love cats and string, unfortunately our darlings then proceed to ingest the string, and we find it a few days later in unmentionable places.
Yuck. But your kitty is so sweet looking and soft. Great photo collage.
Dave and I just got back from seeing xmen 3! Grand movie! Have you seen the xmen movies? I like them lots.
I love your makeover pics! I think you look that beautiful all the time!!! I think it is so fun to have makeup and hair done. I would love that!
Enjoy your week... oh, you are so close to the beach i am jealous.