Tuesday, July 11, 2006

sushi for beginners

My parents are out visiting this week so it's vacations all 'round (Whoo hoo!). Yesterday I took them to Shinjuku, my favourite Japanse restaurant, for their very first taste of sushi. I have to say they did very well. We kept it vegetarian (because I can't do raw fish) and had a great time. They tried edemame (my new favourite snack), vegetable tempura, gyoza and a couple of maki. I made sure there was nice, safe chicken teryaki just in case some of the other tastes didn't sit so well but they were champs. They even masterted the art of picking up a single grain of rice with chopsticks. Nice. We were already down at the beach so we had to stop by Dolce Gelato to see what Davide had in store. The man is an artist and his gelato. . . divine. Good job there's a lot of boardwalk down there for walking it off.


issachar said...

You "can't do" raw fish? Can you really call it a sushi dinner if you don't throw in a negitoro roll or a salmon role at a bare minimum?

My advice? Unless you can't stand spicey, try a spicey salmon roll. The spice takes the initial edge off the raw fish until you learn to appreciate it. Believe me, it's worth the effort...

JAnie & DAve said...

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that my sister saying "can't do raw fish" is in fact a very literal statement. Believe me, it isn't the taste.

How are mom and dad doing? Are you guys having a Killer time?

PS - our big Napoleon D day is this weekend. Say a prayer for us!

kimu said...

oishi! tabemesho ka?!

come back to work now. we miss you.

JAnie & DAve said...

Yummy sushi (i don't usualy eat raw fish either... i would, however, eat my way out if i were stuck inside a fish. That would be a good example of 'doing' raw fish!) well, rice and veggies and seweed are great anyways!
Enjoy while the days last!

Nikki said...

Hey Claire, Sounds like you and your parents are having a great "White Rock" summer vacation. I hope your trip to the island goes well (went well? I don't know when you planned on going). I am up to my elbows with painting and reno's, but I still find time to read a book every day or so, (I think I'm on book 6 of the series - of course I have read them before so they go a bit faster!) Well, tomorrow there is a parade here and we are going out for supper with my brother and his wife for their fifth anniversary. Apparently there is a restaurant in a nearby town that serves Mennonite food. We'll have to see how close to Shannon's the veranikia (Wareniki-however it is spelled) is. Thank goodness I don't have to spell it in order to enjoy it!

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