Wednesday, September 20, 2006

huggle and squee

It's been a great week for words. I'm reading Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and he's had me reaching for the dictionary more than once. I love that. It's like discovering a new colour or a new way to eat chocolate. Amid the more scholarly four and five syllable treats from Chabon I've also come across a few new words on blogs, among them "huggle" and "squee" words so perfectly suited to their task they're almost onomatopoeic. Nice. (I know, I know, once a word nerd always. . . although "logophile" has a sweeter cadence.)

These just might be my words of the week:

huggle: [verb] a brilliant hybrid of hug and snuggle. Clearly a word the world needed. I'm not entirely sure how huggling would play out but I'm game. Next time my niece is in town I'll conduct some research.

squee: [noun, also a verb] As a noun the sound that comes out of one's mouth, unbidden, at the sight of extreme animal cuteness or in some cases the hottie of choice. As a verb, the act of sustaining said noise.

I think the world just got a little prettier. It's certainly more fun.


kimu said...

huggle hmm? i must go try that on the boo. and squee? i think i've experienced hearing that quite a bit lately around the boo.

and it's funny how adults will raise their voices 3-4 octaves when speaking or singing to her. not sure if that's really necessary. but oh well...

thanks for the new words! very svelte.

JAnie & DAve said...

i love those words. I have been using them whenever possible! you are amazing, and i can't wait to spend a whole day with you soon!
I am now reading a much more intelligent book, for which i imagine i will need a dictionary as a companion: Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. A friend gave it to me, along with Pride and Prejudice. She was displeased with my choice of Maeve Binchy (as was it), and thought i could do much better. Gotta love classics!
Love love love,
Janie dave corrina