Tuesday, September 26, 2006

tech question re: You Tube

Stymied for several days now I have decided to appeal to the collective consciousness. I am trying to embed a video from You Tube into this blog and I can't get it to work. Specifically I am trying to snag the "Conversational Norwegian with Freakazoid" video (yes Dave, this one was for you). I created a log in for myself on You Tube, I've gone through the steps to connect my blog with the You Tube account. I clicked on "blog video" and filed in a title, post etc. I get the little message that says "this video will appear on your blog shortly" but it's been 24 hours now and nothing has shown up. I went into blog settings to see if perhaps there was some kind of moderation that needed to take place but it's not in the queue either.

I know several of you have successfully added You Tube vids to your blogs. Any ideas on what the hang-up is?


rob said...

i've never tried it on blogspot. sorry. make sure you're pasting the code into the html view.

Sheldon Kotyk said...

Did you try this?


JAnie & DAve said...


I followed your link to the you tube page, copied the "Embed" text, pasted it in a new Blogger post, and hit publish. Worked just fine.


dr riptide said...

Seems to work just fine now, I just watched it. How did I never link Freakazoid to being Norwiegian before?
Bye bye for now.