Thursday, October 05, 2006

not exactly high speed

Well that was weird. The YouTube video I tried to load over a week ago magically appeared on my blog today. I'm pretty sure it would have arrived faster if I had put the video in an envelope and mailed it to myself -- and that's using Canada Post. Wow.

Consider this a public service announcement:

If you're planning to embed a YouTube video in your blog skip the easy looking "add this video to your blog" link and just grab the code. Turns out it's much faster.

Long live the code monkeys (just because Blogger made everything push button doesn't mean we can't still come out to play).

1 comment:

JAnie & DAve said...

That is so funny that the video came up by mistake! Ha ha
I fly out tomorrow for beautiful bc. PLease pray, as Corrina has been sick today, and i am so worried about her having an ear infection, or some sort of pain during take off and landing (i've read that landing is ever worse on babies)
gotta go, i will call you.