Wednesday, October 04, 2006

this one's for Dave

Hey little brother, I enjoyed the Animaniacs vid so much I deided to see if I could dig up a copy of Conversational Norewegian with Freakazoid. And sure enough here it is. Do you remember way back when. . . you drew me a poster of this? It hung on many of my dorm room walls and always made me smile. Even when Calculus was doing a serious number on my head I can't help but smile at the "happy little narwhale" (although personally, I'm still waiting for that to come up conversationally). Here's to blue heros you can't fly but still fight crime, sortof.



Mom Colvin said...

Yes I know it was for Dave but it brought back fond memories for me too.

thanks Claire,

Love, Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...

Don't worry, I very much remember! I'm very glad that you enjoyed the poster. Although i does occur to me that your response should in no way be a surprise. How could a big fat whale with a horn in its head and a blue internet-freak in a blonde wig NOT make you smile? Sheesh!

And thanks for the Family Update!