Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I helped edit CNN

I'm pretty sure that I helped edit CNN.com today. The midterm elections are happening south of the border so I stopped by CNN.com at lunch to see how things were going. Much to my surprise there was a grammatical mistake in the tag for the main article. It was front and center on the homepage of CNN International. I took a screen cap because I was planning to blog it. (Yes, I know. Still.)

Right at the beginning it says, "Republicans were facing with the possibility..." Nasty. I decided the decent thing to do would be to at least tell someone at CNN about the mistake, rather than just mock it. It's election day afterall, a busy day for the site.

CNN has a pretty good feedback system so I sent them a quick message and suggested an alternate wording. I didn't expect anything to come of it and went back to work. Imagine my surprise a while later when I actually got an email back from CNN. The nameless CNN employee said that they would pass my email on to the Webmaster. "Right," I thought, "okay."

I couldn't help checking the home page about five minutes later and lo and behold, the text had been changed.

Yeah! Good grammar triumphs again. I'm sure this is the closest I will ever get to having a hand in anything that goes on at CNN. But hey, for an editor this is kindof like catching a glimpse of the band just as they're getting on the bus. (Yes, I know. Again.)


kimu said...

autograph please!

cool story :)

dr riptide said...

nice! good work...


Marco said...

You said "low and behold".

Suggested revision: "lo and behold."


westcoastloon said...

Ack you're right. I'll fix that.

Sheldon Kotyk said...

Dough. Got ta hate the editing on a poast about editing.

Monky said...

Lynne Truss would be so proud of you! I recently finished my copy of "Eats, Shoots & Leaves", and even put it into practice at a Starbucks recently. I pointed out to a bunch of almost clueless employees that "it's" should have been "its" on their ad-board, and received the benefit of their discovery ("Oh, yeah! You're right!"). Tons of fun, but the work has just begun.