Sunday, April 01, 2007

chocolate bar throws down

Update: Turns out there a little test you can take to see if you qualify to buy a Yorkie. The video is on YouTube. Thanks to Gord for finding it.

Yesterday we were out running errands and Kendra noticed a Celtic Bakery. We decided to check it out. In addition to the bakery they import various British things. In particular they had an impressive selection of British candy and confectionary. Ah the joy of staring at a whole shelf full of your childhood -- Fruit Pastilles, Cadbury's buttons, jelly babies, Jaffa Cakes!

And then in midst of all of it, was this:

Clearly there had been a mistake. A chocolate bar NOT for girls? What planet did this thing come from? And who did it think it was anyway? Was it not aware of the long and glorious history shared by chocolate and women throughout the ages?? "Right, " I said to the bar on the shelf. "It's on."

I brought the bar home and took a closer look at the 'No Girls' sign on the package. It appears that not ALL girls were deemed unsuited to the bar, just girls who stand with one hand on their hip while holding a small purse and wearing a shortish skirt. Well, to be honest I can get behind that, not being much into hand-on-hip-purse-toting myself.

Still, it was strange. How could a chocolate bar declare that it was too much for a girl to handle. I mean, really. There was only one thing to do. I had to prove it wrong.
I win.


JAnie & DAve said...

someone brought me one of those back from england when i was in college.. and i didn't eat it because i wanted to keep it forever. Then one day i caved and really nEEDED to eat it, but by that point, like three years later, it tasted awful and old.
That's my story.
I am glad you conquered the chocolate.
I am conquering peppermint tea because i have a cold now. boo.
take care

Beck's Bulletin said...

I love your post Claire! Ahh the joys of chocolate! And the joys of being in Florida and having time to catch up on reading blogs! Yes!!!

Anonymous said...

I am stealing that picture!!! (the one of the no-girl sign) It's going on my desktop! =P

That was actually hilarious! (everyone in class laughed..well almost everyone...everyone who was looking...)



Claire Colvin said...

That's awesome Amanda! Enjoy!

◄THIS IS ME said...

Claire, Claire, Claire. It is unfortunate that the store owner did not more closely monitor the sale of the Yorkie bar. There is a test you know, if you haven't taken it... check it out here.

Yorkie... it's not for girls!


Claire Colvin said...

Gord that's awesome! As you can see, I've updated the post accordingly.

Dave Colvinson said...

Oh Claire,

Isn't it obvious? Some brilliant advertiser figured out that the easiest way to sell these (otherwise average?) chocolate bars was to tell a very large group of people that they can't have them.


As a side note, I never assumed that it was "too much for girls to handle" but simply "not for girls". And yes, they do sell a pink version that says "Not for boys"

Eric Meyer said...

This is really funny.

Just curious... You haven't noticed your voice cracking or any outgrowths of facial hair, have you? I hear that they load those things up with Rogaine...