Monday, April 09, 2007

happy. Easter.


Monky said...

Awesome pictures, wonderful collage! What a fun day!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome collage, I quite like it...



JAnie & DAve said...

What a great, sun-shiney day! I am enjoying sunshine and coffee while studying for exam number one of three! just checking out blogs to see what is happening. Dave told me house news... we are praying for you. We aren't actualy looking for a house, but we are sorta thinking about looking for a house! Anyway, God has us all in his hands, even if we end up in shacks (after all, the majority of people in this world live in shacks and they are still in his hands!)

May your day be funny!

Sue said...

hey claire,
that was the name of dear tim the horse! :) yes, we were at the Core's farm, very fun!!

can't wait to see you!!


Sue said...

oooooooooooh and THX FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!! what a wonderful surprize!!