Sunday, May 27, 2007

birthday checklist

* people who love me
* someone to sing to me
* cake
* 31 reasons to smile and say thank you

fabulous new purse and sunglasses


Beck's Bulletin said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!
I know you probably won't see this tonight yet, but I have been thinking of you all day today and hoping you had a wonderful day and are over that dreadful cold!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I love you.

(crazy to think that at this time last year, we were in DISNEYLAND!)


Mom Colvin said...

I do believe you've gone Hollywood with that purse and shades!

You will look fabulous! Now, where is that summer dress?

Love, Mom XX

kimu said...

happy birthday!!

that's a svelte bag.

Corrina said...

Love the new gifts you found for yourself! I hope your cold has cleared up so you can feel fabulous for the rest of your bday week!

I saved all your flickr pics to our computer because we didn't take any good ones of corrina while we were visiting... I am working on a new "corrina" blog specifically about her hearing journey... so i needed some great pictures! Thanks!
Lots of love
ohps, it looks like my display name for blogger got changed.. my mistake!