Tuesday, May 01, 2007

update on Corrina's surgery

Corrina had her cochlear implant surgery this morning at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children (always referred to as simply "Sick Kids" maybe that's an Ontario thing). According to the grandparents everything went perfectly. Mom told me that the nurses are all falling in love with Corrina. I told her to tell them that they can't have her, she's ours!

Corrina will spend the night in the hospital tonight (with her parents) and then will be released tomorrow but have to stay close to the hospital for the next few days. On Saturday she'll be heading to Mom & Dad's just after they come and pick me up from the airport - yeah!

I only got to talk to Mom briefly -- long distance on a rarely-used cel is killer. She said the staff at Sick Kids is amazing. Apparently they wheeled Corrina into surgery in a wagon. How cool is that? They also flavour the anesthetic and get the kids to sniff it so they're asleep before they have to put the mask over their face. I love it that in the midst of procedure and protocol someone has taken the time to make the process the least scary it can be for these kids. I don't know who's idea the wagon was, but thank you.


dr riptide said...

Hope you have a great time with the Colvins and Colvinsons. Wish we could be there with you!

Amanda said...

Have an awesome time out there...we miss you out here though.

We're all praying for Corrina...
we love her like she's OUR family...I guess in a way she is.

Muchlove from all of us out here!