Thursday, April 26, 2007

facebook is a time machine

I have recently been sucked into the vortex that is Facebook and I've discovered something: Facebook is a time machine. The cool thing about it is that it takes you back to people you've lost touch with, to places you haven't been in a long time. It might even take you all the way back to a place 'where everybody knows your name'.

But the other thing about Facebook is that it's a time machine. It's making me feel old.

It's pulling me slightly out of phase, convincing me that parallel universes do in fact exist. There are people I haven't seen in years. In my head they are as I left them -- 15 or 16 and probably going camping. On Facebook they're suddenly halfway through College. How can this be? Time suddenly moves very quickly. In reconnecting with old friends I find I have to learn them all over again. They are not who they were, and mercifully neither am I.

Facebook also bares a startling resemblance to certain aspects of high school. (Time travel has always had its dangers.) I find I'm torn -- do I stick with it and see if high school is different now that we're all grown up? It reminds me of Eliot, "Only through time, time is conquered."

It is good to see old friends again, but I can't help feeling like I'm walking those old halls asking someone to sign my yearbook.


Amanda said...

"been sucked into the vortex that is Facebook "

This is EXACTLY why I refuse to have a facebook.

yep. Have fun with your facebook...


Claire Colvin said...

Amanda -- as always you are wise beyond your years!

Auntie Claire

Amanda said...

why thank-ya!

I have been told/asked on numerous occasions.."do you have facebook? no!? you should get facebook." And it's not so much a thing against's more like something I do...kinda like I don't eat kit-kats...and I don't eat at subway..I just refuse to do it...mostly becuase when I tell people that they get confused..and it's random.

that's my non-facebook-having logic!

kelly said...

it's alittle weird, eh? I've sort of avoided high school friends, but have LOVED connecting with old college friends.
ps. i was at ccc the other day and was planning on coming up to say hi to you and leah, but i had a friend with me, and the kids were i didn't. sorry!