Monday, August 20, 2007

three cheers for!

If you're looking to add a little interest to your wardrobe, I highly recommend . specializes in one - of - a- kind, vintage, indie and retro items. I recently made my first purchase (can you guess what it was?) and was blown away by their service.

A little over a week ago I saw their ad on for this incredible silver tree pendant. I loved it, but I knew I'd be moving in a couple of weeks. I wondered if I placed an order, would arrive in time? I fired off an email to ModCloth to see if they could give me a ball park figure. I hit send and went to lunch. When I got back from lunch there was a response telling me that their FedEx International was guaranteed to deliver in 6-10 days. Impressive. Needless to say I quickly placed an order.

Today, right on schedule, my necklace was delivered. When it arrived it was exactly as pictured, carefully wrapped in blue tissue paper and accompanied by a $5 gift certificate towards a future purchase. I am a very happy customer. If you're looking for something different be it one of a kind accessories, vintage shoes, dresses or original wall art head over to I promise you won't be disappointed.


Mom Colvin said...

What a beautiful necklace, no wonder you love it.

Gandalf is sitting on the back of the love seat, occasionally growling at Jooky who is outside on the deck and wants in. We are making progress slowly but its all good.

love, Mom XX

DAve & JAnie said...

very woodsy necklace! Dave has been eyeing wall stickers for awhile now! Threadless is starting to make them from people's designs as well!