Wednesday, August 22, 2007

taking my toys away

If it weren't enough that ALL of the books in my house are in boxes (I'm pretty sure I can hear them whimpering, but maybe it's just me) it looks like we're going to be without internet access at home for the next while as well. The laptop is going for a service + new battery while it's still under warranty. I will be going a little crazy in the corner. I supposed this is one way to get to me to focus on the packing that must be done. Thank goodness for lunch break access from work, but I'm guessing that posts will be thin on the ground until we get this little baby back. See you in the new diggs.


DAve & JAnie said...

Packing bites. Hope your boxes fill themselves.. but because we know that won't happen I hope you find some great packing songs that get you moving (no pun intended!). i'm off now then, don't want to consume all your lunch internet time.
see you shortly

Mom Colvin said...

Wow Claire,

You all having ALL your toys and comforts stripped away aren't you. I don wonder what wonderful thing is coming your way as a result. Can't wait to see you in September. Gandalf sends her love.


Mom & Dad XX

Chris said...

No internet, no computer and no books?!?! You will go crazy :)

kimu said...

sans le information super highway?? nooooo! oh my gosh! are you going to be alright? i'll pray for you.

haha, actually sometimes i think that would be 'good' for me! i'd get more reading done maybe ;)

DAve & JAnie said...

Did you get my email about ceramics? I sent one to women today email addy in hopes that you are checking your work email. did it get to you though? Corrina wears size 24mnths-3years.. so 2-3 T toddler that is. always a little on the bigger side with please mum pants, but the sweaters always fit at the right age to size (2years to 2t that is). Did that make sense? Anyway, she is 33lbs now, and 38 cm tall! Cute big girl. We can make her eat with chop sticks again for laughs when you are here. it's very amusing!
CAN"T WAIT! love Janie