Saturday, September 29, 2007

and we're back!

After a month of living like Luddites we're finally wired again, thank you Gord. (How he did it is another post involving homemade satellite dishes, seriously!) But for now, on to the important stuff.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Winnipeg to hang out with my entire family for a couple of days. I wish we could have been there for a couple of weeks. We had such a great time. I was having focusing issues with my camera while we were there so there are few pictures and the ones I have are not as good but hey when the subject matter is a cute as this little girl even a bad picture turns out ok :)

I love the photo of Corrina above because it looks so much like her. She has quickly learned pointing as an effective communication strategy and she uses it a lot. In this case, I think she wanted my camera...

Rachel & Mark flew in late Saturday night, a little later than anticipated because of a missed connection in Denver. Everyone seems to have trouble flying in and out of Denver. I think it's where Dave & Janie got stuck flying down to Arizona a couple of years ago. Note to self...

It was great to see them and spend some time together. They have safely arrived in Australia now. I can't wait to go and see them there. I'm still trying to figure out the details, but I'll get there.

It only took Corrina about 3 seconds to warm up to everyone this time around. She was very excited to show her Uncle Mark how comfortable she is on a Mac. Daddy's little girl for sure. It's crazy to think that I was in grade 9 when we got our first computer at home and here she is, not even two and she's figured out the mouse. Wild world.

On Sunday Dave had the brilliant idea to have an 'All Holidays' meal to make up for missing Christmas, Easter & Thanksgiving together. Mom & Janie made a full turkey dinner and the guys were responsible for decorating.

We had Fall leaves, little, white Christmas lights, jack-o-laterns, Easter eggs, a Happy Birthday banner. We even had Christmas music. What a hoot.

Corrina really enjoyed the New Year's noise makers. I had to pause for a minute and reread that sentence. It is an amazing thing, just months after her implant surgery to be able to write that. "Corrina really enjoyed the noise makers". What a profoundly beautiful thing to be able to write.

On Monday the guys went go cart racing and the gir
ls headed over to BrushFire to decorate pots.
Turns out, we're quite a creative bunch! Janie picked the venue and it was perfect. Relaxed, colourful, warm and inviting it was just the place to let the creative juices flow. It's been a long time since I spent an entire afternoon with a paint brush in my hand. We should definitely do this again. I can't wait to see how the pots turned out but it almost doesn't matter.

The time in between was spent talking, laughing, playing board games (I was SO CLOSE to winning Pirates) and marveling over Corrina's progress. I found when I first got there that I had imagined in my head a hearing child. And that is not what Corrina is. But she is making remarkable progress. Right now she is a listening child and that is a huge improvement and the result of a lot of hard work on her part, her parent's part and all of the doctors and therapists.

One thing that really stood out to me on this trip is that Corrina is a joy-bringer. She makes people smile. Sunday morning we went to Dave & Janie's church a beautiful old, stone Anglican church complete with pipe organ. Early on in the service we were invited to greet the people around us with the traditional "Peace of Christ" greeting. Everyone got up to do so and Corrina, in her fashion beamed and waved at everyone. There was a lady in a wheelchair sitting in the row behind us, two rows behind Corrina, and Corrina leaned all the way over, nearly falling off her Daddy's shoulder to smile and wave at her. The Peace of Christ indeed, passed from a little deaf girl who can't speak to an old lady who couldn't stand to reach her. This photo is a little out of focus, I know, but it is an important shot for me because this is what Corrina does when she hears something new -- she points to her ear. It is evidence of what is going on inside her brain as she learns what sound is and how to use it. I love the focus on her face in this picture, how engaged she is in what is going on around her.This one is just a gratuitous Auntie picture :) We have a set of frames up by the door in our new place that is going to be filled with Aunties and Nieces. I don't know if this one will go in there, but it can go here for sure.
Just because....
Possible future flute player? Or is that just Auntie's wishful thinking? She would be the third flautist in the family...What a great way to spend a few days. I can't wait to do it again.


DAve & JAnie said...

What a great update. So glad that you have internet again, both for your sanity and mine! You took alot of beautiful Corrina and family pictures as always! I got little tears in my eyes while reading your thoughts about the deaf girl passing peace to the elderly lady. Aww, wow.. that is precious! Thanks for being such a wonderful aunt, thanks for the corrina clothes and gifts. My learning birdy is happily teaching me new things daily!
One question... I would like to exchange the dress for one 1 size up, as well talked about, but unforunately I can't do it without the receipt anymore. Do you still have it my any chance?
I picked up the family photos last night; they are phenomenal! I will be putting the mugs and photos together in a package asap. We won't be coming out for thanksgiving after all this year. My mom doesn't have any holiday time. So the mugs will come to you with love, in a box!
talk to you soon.

Mom Colvin said...

You take theeh BEST photos! What lovely reminders of a fabulous time together. What fun we all had.

Love, Mom & Dad XX

kelly said...

great pictures, blurry or not - corrina is so cute, and it's great to her the improvement in her listening skills from a non-daily perspective (does that make sense?)

dr riptide said...

Great storytelling. What is it you do again? Oh, you edit text all day long. Hmm, it might be starting to rub off on your blogging....
We are starting to settle here but Rach is still finding it tough to be without a house or a job. We also have to buy a car sometime this week or next so we'd appreciate your prayers for that too.

dr riptide said...

cute pics! what special memories...


DAve & JAnie said...

This may sound totally silly, but this is like the 5th time I have been back on your blog in two days. Here are my two reasons: one, you take such amazing corrina photos I have to come look at how cute she is. Yes, its true, although I have the genuine article before me I still love to see her frozen in a picture; two, I am secretly checking to see if you have posted new photos of your place, especially decorated for fall! that's my confession for the day.