Wednesday, October 03, 2007

the sky fell today

I was working from home today, a wonderful treat after missing it for so many weeks. It started raining outside, thunderously, and I had to open the door so I could hear it better. Before long the thundering rain turned to hail and for a moment it almost looked like winter had come early. Much too early in this neck of the woods.

The hail was huge. I wondered if it would be possible to make tiny, little snowmen out of it? I could just picture myself out there with a little set of tweezers stacking up the balls of ice. Well, maybe not. The hail was coming down with such force it was bouncing right off the patio steps. I tried to get a shot of it but I don't think I have a long enough exposure to catch it. But I did get this shot that shows the paths a little. After a few minutes it stopped and about fifteen minutes later there was no trace it had ever been there.

It was a brief, loud, violent rush, a torrent of ice as the sky broke and fell and then repaired itself and held.


dr riptide said...

I think we could make snowmen out of it! Let's try sometime. We'd have to transport the hail to a walk-in freezer turned laberatory. My wheels are turning...


DAve & JAnie said...

Very lovely. I miss Abbotsford storms. Enjoy the breaking sun and the day at home.