Tuesday, September 04, 2007

i'm still standing

We survived the move, hurrah! Alas the computer has still not returned from its 'the good news is that's covered, the bad news is you have to send it away' warranty odyssey. Argh and argh. I hope it doesn't get lost on its way home.

The new place is great, the neighbours are stellar (hi Wall family!) and I have a plane ticket for Saturday. Not too shabby. Mom & Dad should be almost there by now, Mark has flown in from Australia and he and Rach arrive either just before or just after I do. Five whole days of Corrina cuteness are just around the corner. All in all it's only Tuesday and the week is shaping up nicely.

Now if I could just convince the boxes to unpack themselves. . . I'm sure most of the books remember where they're supposed to be. I've tried Wingardium Leviosa but it doesn't seem to work for me. (Even if I follow Hermione's admonision that it's levio-sa, not levi-oh-sa.) Ah well, it will be good to spend a little time and do it properly. Hello my old friends. Safe travels?

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Darcy & Sharon said...

Glad to hear the unpacking is going well! That's always interesting trying to find space for everything. Happy unpacking!