Monday, February 25, 2008

happy birthday Amanda!

Somebody turns a very sweet sixteen today. Happy birthday Amanda!!!! In my family, the tradition is that we always sing. Whether it's in person, or on the phone, or even in email if distance demands it, we sing. Well I know how much time you spend online, so I thought this might be the best way to do it. Amanda, this one's for you:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to yooou.
Haaaapppppyyy biiiirthdaaaaay Aaaa-maaanda!
Happy birthday to you!We got to celebrate Amanda early yesterday with a get together over ribs at her parent's place. Kendra once again provided the cake and like always this one is my favorite. I helped a little.

It was a beautiful, gorgeous day so after a rib lunch and before cake we headed to the park en mass.
The younger kids played on the playground.

And some of the big kids got in on the action too.

Happy birthday Amanda! It is an honour to know you. I hope that you will have an amazing year discovering more of this incredible person you are and continue to grow into. Thank you for making so many days a celebration.


Anonymous said...

that's a GOOD ONE!
I love you toooo!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dear Amanda....

Happy Birthday to you!

kelly said...

that cake is AMAZING! maybe i should hire kendra to make Taeya's 2-bday cake :)
ps. happy birthday amanda, even though i don't know you :)

DAve & JAnie said...

Beautiful cake, beautiful ladies!