Sunday, March 09, 2008

saving daylight - a miscellaneous post

It seems far too early to be springing forward, but I am never one to quibble with extra sunlight. I am thrilled that the days of driving home in the dark are over for another year! We decided to take full advantage of the season and headed outside for a nice walk through Aldergrove Bowl. I had no idea this park was just down the road. Now that it's lighter later I have some exploring to do.
We have to put up with a fair deal of rain around here, but this is the pay off -- new green leaves in early March. Even the rocks are green.

We had a great walk (although we all missed Amanda who was home sick :( Along the way I got a camera lesson. The larger the number, the smaller the aperture, the shallower the depth of field. Good info for taking portraits when you want the background to just disappear. I was listening, but looking at my photos when I got home turns out I didn't practice that too much today. Ah well, lots of time left for experimenting.

I did try some shots of these roses I got just after Valentine's Day. They dried almost perfectly (I didn't do a thing to them.) I tried a bunch of different things with them, but these were my favorites:

Lastly, this is the photo that I meant to post last week. Last Saturday was the funeral for Kennedy Olivia. During the day, I kept thinking about them and in the afternoon looked outside to see this huge rainbow right in my own backyard. Rainbows, it turns out are rather tricky to photograph but I caught a glimpse of it anyway. What a beautiful reminder that God's promise stands, even on the very sad days.
Roll on Spring, I'm ready for some more sunshine.

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DAve & JAnie said...

Although I am actualy tired from losing one hour of sleep, I did enjoy having a bright living room at 7 tonight! As made evident by your lovely pictures it looks like you are learning alot about your new camera! Hope you enjoy your bright, green week! The weather is starting to get warmer, but still merits toques and mitts. Personaly, i've ditched the scarf now!
take caremtqwjh