Wednesday, March 12, 2008

found art

I came across this tonight and decided it was interesting enough to take a shot at. Any guesses what it is?

Would it help if I told you I found it in my kitchen?

It's a mini M&M immersed in water, an unintentional drowning victim of my somewhat overzealous brownie making. (There's just something about eating warm brownies will commenting your way through America's Next Top Model with a couch full of friends.) The coating melted right off and lay suspended in the water. Of course, the logical next step after getting this photo was to dump in some more M&Ms to see what happened.

The results got pretty colourful although I learned that M&M art is similar to sand art in this: attempts to over mix or manipulate the colors result in a muddy mess. (And really, only so many M&Ms can be sacrificed for art before the chocolate police show up.) I think the most interesting result was this one:

I imagine this is what a candy store might look like if you were on acid. Got to love that one last M&M hanging on to its dignity, refusing to disrobe while all around him the crowd throws caution to the wind. I thought it was Smarties that always had the red ones go last.


Anonymous said...

That was fabulous!

LOVEd it.

you girls are just sooo creative.

/your little sicky.

DAve & JAnie said...

Oh Claire, that was great! I am very impressed with your ability to take a picture through water! Hope you are doing well, I still owe you a phone call!

Stefanie said...

Hi Claire, this is Stefanie from way back when. Yes, I still read your blog. Actually I also read Mark & Rachel's blog. Hopefully that doesn't freak them out when they read this. Hah!

This was a cool post that also makes me never want to eat m&ms again. The last photo looks like a galaxy (very, very) far, far away.

Tell LJ I said hi, though her last initial has probably changed.

ramblin'andie said...

Funny, ever since I first saw this posting I have been having crazy M&M cravings.

LOVE the pictures. They would make a great art card collection...maybe Ikea would be interested...

Sue said...

oooh pretty!

Marco said...

That red M&M holding on to its dignity is what makes the picture. It gives away what is in the photograph, it's sort of the answer to a riddle. Without it, the picture would just be another psychedelic collage. Hang on to this one.