Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Shauna and the Sylvia

I have known Shauna for almost longer than I care to remember. (I insist on telling her that she might be old, but I most certainly am not.) Who knew that a bond forged over blue rainbow pencil boxes could last so long? This past week Shauna got on a jet plane and came to visit. Good times ensued.

I figured if Shauna could brave a flight across the country alone, I could attempt Vancouver traffic. Still not my favorite thing, but it was worth it. Shauna needed a recommendation for a hotel and I had to suggest The Sylvia. A stone and ivy colored old lady of a hotel right on English Bay, the Sylvia has been a Vancouver landmark since 1912. Many times I have gazed longingly at it while waiting for the Symphony of Fire to begin. (Ok ok I know it's now the "Celebration of Light" but the new name's nowhere near as good.)
It did not disappoint. Thursday afternoon the sun was out, mostly, so we took advantage of the weather to head down English Bay and take in the sites.We hopped the False Creek ferry over to Grandville Island. The market there is always a treasure trove of delights. One day I plan to drop some serious money in Paper-Ya. Granville does have some great window shopping. On Friday we took the hop-on hop-off trolley all around Vancouver. It was a great way to cut a huge swath through the city. Clearly I have some more exploring to do around here. There were parts of the city on the tour that I'd never seen before.
Friday evening we headed back to my place for some more tea and talking and Saturday I knew I had to take Shauna to see my beach.
We went for a long walk down the beach all the while studiously ignoring the fact that the wind was truly, truly wicked. Of course the only logical course of action was to go eat ice cream. We walked to the very best spot on the beach, or anywhere else, for frozen confections Dolce Gelato. Davide and Elizabeth are still there making edible art. It's almost too pretty to eat. Almost.... Good times.It was too early for supper at Shinjuko yet so we went to Reitman's. It has been long, long time since Shauna and I last got to go shopping together. I even managed to convince her to buy a dress (an easy sell really as she looked AMAZING in it). All too soon it was Sunday and time to take Shauna back into Vancouver. There was time for one last event -- Shauna's first ever Starbucks. Ah, Shauna my friend, first the sushi, now this. I'll turn you into a west coaster yet.

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Monky said...

I just gave my nieces a wonderful picture book, titled Mr. Got To Go, which was inspired by a resident cat at the Sylvia many years ago. The story is that a stray wanders into the hotel, befriends the apparently gruff hotel manager, who keeps saying, "As soon as it stops raining, that cat's got to go!" The cat enjoyed many rain-free days at the Sylvia. Thought you might be intrigued.