Thursday, April 10, 2008


Update: The powers that be at AI have heard my plea! As of sometime this afternoon, Jason Castro's rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is available from the Canadian iTunes store. Hurrah! I have my copy, do you have yours?

I heard the rumors, but had to head over to
YouTube to check this one out for myself. American Idol closing out the "Idols Gives Back" show with. . . a slightly edited version of "Shout to the Lord" ? I would have *loved* to have been in the room for that discussion. An interesting choice on so many levels. (And what's with the all-white ensembles?)

Also in the "Unexpected things from American Idol" folder this morning, Jason Castro's studio single of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is available for purchase from iTunes, sure, just not in Canada. Unexpected, and seriously disappointing. I don't doubt that this kid has a record contract in his future but this means I'm going to have to wait a whole lot longer to get my hands on this track. (He won't win Idol, and it won't matter a bit.) Unless someone with access to an American account on iTunes is feeling generous, this will have to do for now.

(And if the AI rights division is reading this, can you please, please try to work out the kinks to get Castro's full length version of Hallelujah available for purchase too? Pretty please?)


◄THIS IS ME said...

Re: iTunes from Canada. There is a way... I was talking to someone about this and I don't think it is very difficult. Let me research it and get back to you.

◄THIS IS ME said...

While it's impossible to sign up for a US iTunes account with a foreign credit card, or billing address, it is possible to sign up for a US iTunes account if you can find a way to get a US iTunes gift card. And as it happens, finding a US iTunes gift card doesn't take much work at all. Buy it on eBay (make sure to pay by credit card to give yourself a level of fraud protection) and the seller should be able to email you the card's code straight away.

Once you find and purchase a gift card you'll receive a code that you need to enter in to the 'Redeem' area of the iTunes music store. Because gift cards can only be redeemed in the store they were purchased (make sure to buy a gift cards from the US iTunes store) you'll need to create a new iTunes account in the US store.

You may still be prompted to enter a credit card number for future purchases. Be sure to click the "no credit card" option (or similar). You will need to enter an address for the account (you'll have to use your imagination for that one, but we hear a lot of foreign-based US account holders live at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino). Nothing will physically be delivered there, so I wouldn't be too concerned if you get it wrong.

Click on the 'Redeem' link and enter your iTunes gift card codeClick on the 'Redeem' link and enter your iTunes gift card code.

◄THIS IS ME said...

Check your email!

Rachel Colvin said...

My cat Bella is being SO cuddley right now. She keeps trying to snuggle on my shoulder as I type this. Anyhow... gorgeous song by the Idol fellow, and did you ever figure out why they chose Shout to the Lord? Strange, but good?