Tuesday, June 17, 2008

auntie 2.0: the remix

I'm going to be an Aunt again! Below is the first ultrasound of the newest member of the Colvin family. In the last 4 years my family has grown 25%. Keep up the good work, I say. At this rate we might take up a whole row one of these days.
So here he his, and yes, that's an intentional he -- a biological one you might say. Is it weird that I think this little guy already has his Dad's profile?

There's a painting that hung in my parents house for years that my Grandpa did of Mark when he was two. (Did I mention that this is baby #1 for Mark & Rachel and not baby #2 for Dave & Janie? Well he is. First Aussie in the family.) Anyway, all my growing up years this was this painting of a two year old Mark and now, before very much longer there will living breathing version. Pretty exciting times.

Welcome little man. You're still pretty new but there are already a lot of people who love you. Can't wait to meet you on the outside.


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Mom Colvin said...

Start saving your pennies for that Australia trip to see the new nephew.


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