Monday, June 16, 2008

red carpet girl

Update: Turns out that not that many people actually dressed up for the "this is a dress up event" event (teenagers!). Kendra and I figured that you can't get all dressed up with nowhere to go so we got a little fancy ourselves and took Amanda out for dessert. MMmmm cheesecake at Afterthoughts. Not bad for a Monday night.
It's the season for grads and proms. Amanda doesn't grad until next year (thank goodness!) but her youth group was having a Red Carpet Event tonight so it was time to get all dolled up. As you can see, she looked pretty amazing. She always does. Kendra and I got to go over and help with her hair and managed to sneek into the picture taking too.You can't see them, but Amanda is wearing her Aunt Kendra's serious shoes so she really is taller than me in this photo. Crazy times.

Have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker's print ad for her perfume? In the shot Sarah is in a puddle of dress, all prepped for going out and the caption reads "Lovely on the inside". Reminds me of Amanda. I hope you had a great time tonight!

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