Sunday, August 17, 2008

all sound, no fury

Is there any sound more wonderful on hot summer's day than that of heavy rain and distant thunder? It's been hot here the past few days. Hot enough that fans didn't cut it, hot enough that I had to replace cut daisies with tropicals more likely to stand the heat. (Although I can hardly blame them for wilting in it when I am doing the same myself.) The air has been thick today, the sky longing for rain like a tired muscle stretching for release. We waited in the heat and midday almost gloaming and just now, just a few minutes ago it came.

I wasn't sure at first that I heard correctly. I muted the TV (a silent gold in men's 8 is still gold after all) and sat still, listening. There is it was, unmistakable. The sound of summer salvation. Rain, cool and heavy and a distant thunder, rare in these parts. I went outside to welcome it, standing in raindrops big enough to feel each one. It was all sound, but no fury. This was a welcome break in the sky.

It didn't last long. Even now the world is quiet again. But the summer storm did it's job. I can feel a breeze cooler than before and bringing with it the promise of a cool evening.

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