Thursday, August 21, 2008

blue sky, red tomatoes

I finally finished the dress I've been making for Corrina and since Canada Post confirms that it has arrived, I can now post a photo without ruining the fun. It came out a little larger than expected (and I learned a solid lesson in seam allowance) but since this is a summer dress and we're headed for the finish line in August it's probably a good thing that it can be let out and worn next year.Corrina still has body-worn processors for her implants so I sewed pockets for them into the back of the dress in the hopes that she'd be able to wear it without her usual undershirt-with-pockets. 'Cause man, in summertime, the fewer layers the better.

I've had a little garden going this summer and the other day when I walked past on my way in from work I knew that good tomato days were just around the corner.
Today the time was ripe and the tomatoes would wait no longer. I was rewarded for all the times I remembered to water with a full hand of delicious cherry tomatoes. They tasted like sunshine.

Growing up my Mom always planted extra cherry tomatoes for me. This is the first year I've been able to do so for myself. De-licious.

In the spirit of summer, I also decided to try something a little fancy on my nails. Why not. Summer is a great time to be silly.
And can you believe it, I took all of these photos on my Olympus e410? I am trying to take the camera out to play and not be so afraid of all the buttons. I'm looking into some kind of lessons (Even though my lesson-taking-buddy is ditching me and moving to New Brunswick -- where are your priorities???) There's a class here in Abby but it conflicts with a cake decorating class I already signed-up for so I"ll have to see what I can find. I know there's an amateur photographer's society in town, but I think I need to at least learn the basics before I screwed together my courage and attempt that. In the mean time, I'm heading back outside to see if I missed any tomatoes red ripening under the blue, blue sky.

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