Wednesday, October 29, 2008

wilton class 2: cake final

All month Kendra, Shannon and I have been making sugar flowers as part of our cake decorating class. Last night we got to put it all together. Here's my finished cake:
My basket weave needs a little work. For some reason there are 7 layers of it in the front of the cake and only 6 in the back. I realized that to match it up at the ends I needed to get back to 7. So there I was, basket weaving BACKWARDS from the middle in a left handed direction to try and line up it to hide the earlier mistake. [ and "I am not left handed" <-- read that in your best Wesley/ Man in Black voice.] Clearly, it will be easier next time to just not drop a line in the first place. Still, I was very happy with the way it turned out and really, with so many flowers, no one will notice the weaving. The daffodils are my favorites. I gave up on Chrysanthemums -- mine all looked like sandcastles or spiky crabs. Who needs that when daisies are so very easy to do?

Here is Shannon's cake. Shannon has these huge, amazing roses and I love the ones that are multicolored.And here is Kendra's cake. She definitely wins the prize for beautifully even basket weave. She asked Nicole what she wanted on the cake and she said "Bob & Larry" so there they are. Complete with cobblestone garden walkway, of course.
We had a great time. Next week we start course three -- fondant and tired cakes. That's going to be a lot of cake. Any volunteers?


Janice said...

that's really cool Claire. I love the flowers!

Darcy & Sharon said...

Those cakes are amazing! As if you guys didn't already make great cakes before you started taking all the classes!

Speaking of cakes - tell Kendra to check her email. I email some pictures of the bluejay Kaitlyn wanted for her cake. She told me I could eat the Bob and Larry part - so don't forget that somewhere!

col said...

Claire I'm just awe-struck! I've never made a cake anything like as splendiferous as that! I love all the flowers - and what about those bluebirds!! It looks just scrumptious but its such a shame to spoil this work of art by cutting it up to eat.

You have obviously been a good student in your decorating classes. I loved Shannon's and Kendra's cakes too. They are so individual and amazing to see. Thanks for the photos.

Now, I'm spending my birthday in Australia this year so do you think Canada Post could get one of those creations to me out there? (JUST KIDDING!) However, when we get out to BC maybe I'll be in with a chance.

love and admiration,

Mom XX