Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is creeping

Christmas is creeping into the corners of my house. There's a tiny live cedar tree decked out in the window by the door.A shiny snowflake has found its way in the corner over by the kitchen. (I think I'll let it stay as long as it doesn't summons its brethren outdoors.)
Over by the livingroom a pair of tiny reindeer are catching up on all the gossip of the season.
And not far from them is a pot of red berries -- a Christmas-y sight if ever I saw one.
In the window over by the TV it's officially been spelled out for me:
Christmas is creeping into the corners of my house and with the first Sunday of Advent upon us and December itself knocking on the door, I think I'll open up and let it in.


Mom & Dad said...

Claire - it looks fabulous. Considering the size of your apartment it looks very elegant. I'm afraid we've not done anything at our end - for obvious reasons. Just over two weeks now.
Lots of love
Mom & Dad xx

Claire Colvin said...

There's lots more to come yet, but it's a good start :) I am so excited for you & Dad and your upcoming trip. You gotta hug that baby for me!