Tuesday, December 02, 2008

have yourself a nerdy little christmas

It was time to get Christmas-y at the office and I decided to make a tree worthy of our team. Thus the nerd tree was born. I know, I know we prefer the term "Geek" but this just seems like a Nerd Tree to me. It is a badge I wear proudly. The tree has ornaments featuring some of our favorite apps.

There's the WordPress logo (and yes, I know I'm typing this in Blogger but we use WordPress exclusively at work):

And RSS....This was the only one that had to stay square. It just looked wrong in a circle. It was Kendra's idea to add the glitter on the edges of the ornaments. There are ornaments with the Java logo on them too but apparently I forgot to photograph them. Whoops.

I really liked the way the Basecamp logo turned out. I never noticed how much it looks like a snow globe. If you're not familiar with Basecamp they are the brains behind Project Path, a task management system so brilliantly simple and intuitive that our artsy team of writers and editors has embraced it. I have to admit getting into any task system was a hard sell for me, but now that I've seen what it can do I can honestly say that this product keeps our team sane.
In addition to the apps there are ornaments that celebrate two things that make everything we do possible. Apple (of course) and Starbucks.

For the garland I made a paper chain cut from pieces of an old Wired magazine. Wired is the best nerd magazine out there, and they also use really nice inks in their printing process. I knew I'd be able to find some great colours on their pages.

I think it turned out well. It was a hit at the office today. Have yourself a nerdy little Christmas! I know we will.


orangejack said...

Ha! That is awesome! I miss y'all.

Janice said...

LOVE the tree Claire. Very clever.
Hey, do you ever have issues uploading your photos to blogger with your mac? I was getting really frustrated at home and then I tried at work on a PC and had no problem. What the ...???

Beck's Bulletin said...

And I wasn't there to see the Tree!!! so sad....but we are enjoying Texas so much and I will get to see the tree next week! You are so creative.....hopefully some of it will eventually rub of on me too!

angie said...

Claire, i think this tree is awesome. it's not nerdy at all! :)

p.s. you're awesome too!