Thursday, December 18, 2008

best card ever + office party

This was the card that Dave & Janie sent out in 2006. I couldn't blog it back then because not all of the cards had arrived yet and I didn't want to ruin anyone's surprise. I kept mine and have it on the desk by my laptop where I can enjoy it at eye level. It has stood the test of time and is still genius. On the front is lovely tree paper (it says 'Celebrate together' if you're having trouble reading that). And then when you open it up..
It's a custom pop-up card! How cool is that? There's Janie & Dave decorating the tree and as the card opens the garland stretches into place. I have a long and abiding love of pop-ups to begin with, but pop-ups that look like people you know? Very cool. I think Dave's hand with the star is brilliant, so Seuss-ian. I'm pretty sure he said that the plaid on his shirt was hand drawn line by line. But that's very Dave, when it's his art, he lives in the details.
These are the guts of the card, all those working pieces. I wonder if I can video tape it so you get the full effect? A project for another evening.

Also in this post -- the office party --
I feel like I've already blog these photos, but that's because I put them on Facebook and Mom & Dad, I know you can't see them there so these are for you. After several years of politely declining I decided to go to the our corporate party this year. And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I decided to go an get my hair done -- a brilliant idea when the alternative is 8 girls all trying to get ready in the only ladies' room in the building with decent lighting. They decided to have the party in town this year, cutting down on almost everyone's drive time so while there wasn't time to go home to change, it was really nice when the night came to an end. (And thank the Lord himself, the snow stayed away until the next day. Thank you!!!)
This is me with Angie & Kim, who sometimes go by their alter egos "Boo's parents". Boo, also known as their daughter Matia, is a bit of a legend. Kim suspects she has mad drumming skillz and while it's still a little early to tell, he's probably right.
This is Nicole, Sarah, Lynnette and myself all spiffed up and party-ready.
And here's Sarah and her husband John (who is also famous in our office -- he makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies. Sarah makes amazing butter tarts. We eat well around here.)
This is the group shot of our table. As I mentioned on Facebook, Kim said I could sit at the Asian table, being honorary Asian and all. Xie xie! [she-shay, which means 'thank you' for the uninitiated.] I just realized I could have worked one of my other Chinese phrases into the evening and missed my chance. A whole meal and I never once oh so causally mentioned "mung mung"? Maybe it's less cool if it's Taiwanese baby talk rather than Canto anyway.


cpeep said...

That is one fabulous pop up. Too bad he doesn't post more of his stuff on THEIR blog! I'd love to see it.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

DAve & JAnie said...

Ha ha, to the last comment!

Anyway, so glad to be featured on your blog! We have been slackers this year, and haven't even gotten out store bought paper cards. Boo.

Let us know if you get any custom orders for pop-ups! Oh, and the plaid was certainly drawn line by line, after I told him the 'original' outfits were just not acceptable. Wardrobe is very important to me!
And speaking of clothing, your outfit for your Christmas party looked beautiful on you! Hope you enjoy all the other chances for dressing up this season!
Much love

Anonymous said...

Very nice blogspot. Art and I also watch all of the StarGate shows. Making our way thru the last season that I recorded. He won't let us watch more than one a week so we are weeks behind. I guess he wants to savor the moment.

We own all of the Stargate SG1 seasons as well. I think there was a tear running down Art's cheek on the last episode of that one.

Take care. My love,
Barb Temmesfeld
Friend of your folks from Nigeria days.