Monday, December 22, 2008

boxes, little boxes

If you have little gifts that you don't want to get lost under the tree, try making these little boxes. They're very easy to make and just the right size to keep your treasures safe.
The template is available on from A Little Hut. Five dollars gets you all four designs and the PDF is emailed to you the same day so you can get started right away. Because the PDF is saved to your computer, there's no limit to how many boxes you can make.
All you do is print the template directly on to your paper (I used regular construction paper) then follow the guidelines to fold and stick. I added a little glitter to mine because it's Christmas and everything that could sparkle should. If you haven't gone exploring on yet, I highly recommend it. It's billed as ebay for all things handmade and there are some beautiful, beautiful things on that site. Happy boxing!

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