Wednesday, April 18, 2007

use the floss, Luke

Fresh from the dentist today I went to restock my floss. When I opened up my new pack of Crest Glide Deep Clean Cool Mint it looked so much like a little droid there was only one rational thing to do: photo shoot! Don't you think it looks like a little droid? (Maybe it's just the fluoride rinse talking.) Ah well, how often is floss fun, I mean really? Is this the floss of the future? Is it A New Hope? Have we stumble upon the final frontier of .... floss?

Oh wait, can't mix my Sci-Fi metaphors. That's just not cool.


JAnie & DAve said...

that is sooo funny! ha ha.. dave had to explain to me which movies the references were from! Love you, and we will pack all the games we can handle!

kimu said...

ahh, don't you just love blogs?! this is the kind of stuff they're made for i tell ya...

another svelte post, claire :)

Chris said...

Sorry to tell you this but... you're a nerd. I loved it :)

Amanda said...

I love all of your Sci-fi metaphors!
they're amazing!

and I'm liking the floss...I might actually USE floss if mine looked as cool as yours..(hehe...not that I don't now...) =]

I'll see you later.

coli said...

That is totally radical!!!!!! ILV IT!
it does look like a droid.....NEway, i like the title too!