Sunday, April 15, 2007

sun ran

It's hard to believe it that's time of year again, but this morning we headed down to Vancouver to join
50 000 other people in the 10km Vancouver Sun Run. What a great day. The weather this year was perfect. Some years there is a suspicious lack of sun and I wonder if the name of the race is merely wishful thinking. We got off to a slower start this year -- almost 20 after 10 before they let us go, but once things get moving it never takes long. The Sun Run is an incredibly beautiful route and as Shannon pointed out we got to have our own little cherry blossom festival and tulip festival along the route.

We had our very own paparazzi following us around and he does good work. Once he's got the photos online I'll steal a few. For now, while we're not in the photo above, you get the idea. If you ever get a chance to do the run, I highly recommend it. (Even if you have bad knees like I do and spend the rest of the afternoon shuffling around like an old woman in slippers.) It's still worth it.


◄THIS IS ME said...

Hey there... I put up a little slideshow at our blog. Check it out. More pics to come soon.

Mom Colvin said...

Sorry we missed talking to you yesterday :( I had been online since about 8 pm and then Dad got on checking out possible investment stocks and the next we knew it was bedtime.

Hope to talk tonight. Congrats on completing the Sun Run again. How many times is it now?

Love, Mom XX

◄THIS IS ME said...
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◄THIS IS ME said...

Here are some pics with IMG names. Let me know if you would like any full resolution images from this set.

This is a 8MB PDF document. Save it to your computer then view from there.

Anonymous said...

aww..I loved the sun run!

you're amazing...I love doing this with you guys every year...

see you soon(ish)