Sunday, April 20, 2008

sun, no run, still fun

For several years now a group of us have done the Sun Run together. It is always good times. This year I caught the office cold. I could barely breathe sitting at home so going 10K was out of the question. I was sad to miss out, but when Amanda got home she showed me the following video I felt a lot better. I may not have been there in person, but I was certainly at the Sun Run in spirit. This video comes with one warning -- the screams at the end are quite loud so adjust your speakers if there's a sleeping baby in the house.

This was definitely my easiest Sun Run ever -- all of the glory, none of the work :) Thanks Wall Family for once again making me feel very included, and very loved. Next year I'll do the Sun Run the more traditional way. See you there!

**Note I do apologize for the quality of the vid. I had to push this through 4 different programs to get it up here. There *has* to be a better way to do that. I was using Windows MovieMaker (which was probably my first mistake). WMM requires a subscription to Neptune in order to export the video. (No idea why, but I'm guessing it's just $$.) So the footage went WMM -> Neptune -> saved a copy to computer ->uploaded to YouTube. Then I copied the HTML from Youtube into Blogger. The original footage was pretty clear. I remember the same thing happening with my Rubby Ducky video last year. Does anyone have a fave program for casual, light video editing?


◄THIS IS ME said...

hehehe, glad to be there to hear your name being called at the "end" of the race. See you next year at the Sun Run.

Mom Colvin said...

Wall Family you rock! I don't know how you got Claire's number called but it was fantastic!

Claire, Dad and I will do the Sun Run walk with you one year soon.


Mom XX

DAve & JAnie said...

Crazy cool! Hope your cold clears up quickly. I too have something going on inside my throat...but it sounds all raspy sexy.. maybe I'll make a cd!
I wish I had a vid ed suggestions, but we use all mac stuff, so that doesn't really help you. boo.
so... your birthday is coming up sooooooooonnnnnnn. What are you into this year???? sorry for the stupid 'point making''s really rather silly and most likely bugs you, but there you have it!

◄THIS IS ME said...

Here is a shorter version of the video with fancy transitions...

Beck's Bulletin said...

Way to go Claire....and Wall family! That's the best ever...being home with a nasty cold and having your name called as having just completed the Sun Run!