Saturday, August 23, 2008

I got my ticket!

I don't actually get to vote in this election, but check it out, I got my pick for the Democratic ticket! I've been saying since Spring that if I could pick anyone to join Barack Obama it would be Joe Biden and while I know it's wasn't my voice that counted, somebody somewhere had the same idea.

Love him or hate him, Obama has the sheer charisma to take this thing all the way. What he's always been lacking is experience. He's young and as a Senator hasn't had a lot of exposure to international politics. Enter Joe Biden, an elder statesman with something like 30 years experience, a large portion of it in foreign policy. It was pretty obvious back in January that Biden was a guy who would be great for the job, he just stood no chance at all of getting elected. Now sharing a ticket with Obama the country just might get his sane voice in the Oval office (even if he's sitting on the couch and not behind the desk).

I'm glad they passed on an Obama-Clinton ticket. We're already making history here, no need to turn it into a circus. It does answer a question I've long wondered: in the white, male world of American governance who would break through first -- a black man or a white woman? I never imagined we see them both sprinting towards the finish line in the same race. After almost two years of campaigning isn't it amazing to think that they're finally just a few months away from actually deciding this thing? I cannot imagine how exhausted they all must be. And to think, the winner at the end of it all has to go and run and country in the morning.

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